Our Vision

We envision a school - The School is not merely a centre for scholastic excellence but it also caters for all round development. The vision behind its foundation is far more foresighted and laudable. It is different than other schools in that it caters to the nurturing of not only the mind but also the body and the spirit with greater emphasis on moral integrity. A student grows up to be agile in physical activities, alert in mental application besides being ingenious, resourceful, preserving, disciplined, self-reliant, self confident, optimistic & trustworthy. He also develops abundant leadership qualities and greater civic sense

School Campus

The campus is a picturesque site near the Satara City, nestled safely in the folds of the hills. This 1.5 acre site has its orchard and playing grounds. During the rainy season every day is a picnic. Undoubtedly, it is the most scenic school in Satara.

Working Environment

The school is based on the principle of courtesy and mutual respect. Our school program balances traditional and innovative methods. It provides each child the opportunity to develop intellectual curiosity, attain academic excellence and grow in self-reliance. The faculty & parents have share a commitment to recognizing & developing each child's uniqueness, moral responsibility & social awareness.


The School Motto is

“ Serve for people, 
                    Live for our country & 
                        Live like legends.”